Ephemerides: July, 08

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Author: Benito Martínez, C.M. .
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1711: Mother Marie Le Roy announces sending by Fr Jean Bonnet, Superior General, the former director, Fr. de Chevremont, to visit the various houses in up to 60 kilometers out of Paris. She invites Sisters to accomodate the grace of this visit well.

1926: Fr Nicholas Bettembeourg died in Liege, Belgium. He was born in wealthy family in Maison Rouge, near Manom, Moselle. He lost parents early. Sister Superioress in the orphanage in Metz, who received him, was struck by the qualities of the boy. He entered the college in Montdidier where he recognized his vocation. When he was received to the Maison Mere in April 1870, his compatriot from the heart of Lorraine, Fr. Jean-Baptiste Étienne, quickly discerned his eminent qualities and made him his secretary. He wasn’t even a sub deacon then. Financial administration captured thirty years of Fr Bettembourg life: for three years in China, where he was a mayor of Shanghai, and then in Paris, where he quickly was promoted to be Treasurer General. The poetry of dry figures did not desiccate his heart: In his important charge, Fr. Bettembourg became the champion of all causes. He entered into relations with all kinds of personalities, especially pope Leo XIII, who – privately – would have wanted to make him a cardinal in the Curia. Fr. Nicholas also met politicians. Tenacious relations with on of them forced him to leave France on July 6, 1904. He moved to Argentina where he was a Visitor for twelve years. In 1916 Fr Villette recalled him to Paris and laid government of province of France into his hands. While he intended to complete his years in the Mother House, Fr Verdier assumed this seventy-one years old man the leadership of Daughters of Charity in Belgium and Holland and the house in Liege as well. His age didn’t prevent him from lucidity and devotion to multiple tasks and works the new post demanded, especially foundation of the Mission in Belgian Congo. All the forces of his body, his intelligence and his heart, Fr. Bettembourg has devoted to his only passion: the love of double family of Saint Vincent.

1955: During two session of the day, delegates to XXXII General Assembly voted for relocation of General Curia to Rome with 62 votes in favor, 44 against and 5 abstainted. According to Article 28 of the Constitutions voting result was submitted to Holy See for approval. Earlier in the day all delegates attended the solemn Mass celebrated in the chapel of the Mother House in the intention of our confreres separated by the “Iron Curtain” and “Bamboo”. Celebrants of the Mass were Fr Waclaw Knapik from Poland, Fr Deymier representing China and Fr. Köhler representing Hungary.

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