Ephemerides: July, 04

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Author: Benito Martínez, C.M. .
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1659: Conference of Vincent de Paul in Saint Lazare on the subject of conferences, which deals with compelling reasons for the Congregation of the Mission to give great importance, what to do before, during and after them and how to take advantage of them.

1642: In her counties of Agenois and Condomois, the Duchess of Aiguillon established Priests of the Mission.

1714: Mother Jeanne Chevreau, three other sisters officials and Father de Chevremont, Director of Daughters of Charity, as well, and marshal de Bellefond sign an agreement terminating establishment on Isle Jourdain. For more than two years, annuities were no paid. Sisters were accused of poorly managing the received funds. The marshal was forced to pay the arrears.

1873: In Berlin, the Reichstag issues a decree suppressing Jesuits. In this circumstance, the sons of St. Vincent have the immense honor to be regarded as “affiliated” sons of St. Ignatius. And the young Lazarist province of Prussia – twenty-two years after it was erected by Fr. Jean Baptiste Etienne – had to suffer persecution in glory: all the houses were closed. In the intention to avoid suffering of exile, the bishops of Germany had obtained a permission from the Holy See that our confreres were untied from their vow of obedience to Superior General, but all priests and brothers could continue living a community, they could come to take refuge at the Mother House and get the full disposal of the successor of Saint Vincent.

1948: In Belalcázar, Colombia, died Msgr. Emile Larquère, apostolic prefect of Tierradentro. He was born on May 26, 1869. Ordained a priest in the Congregation of the Mission on June 23, 1895. During the first six years of his priesthood, he was devoted to popular missions in La Rochelle. The anticlerical legislation in France in the early twentieth century turned this Landes missionary into an apostle of the Indians in Colombia. In January 1904, accompanied by Frs Tramerourt and Luis Durou (future Archbishop of Guatemala) came to Colombia. He established missions in Nataga, in the diocese of Garzon, and Bocay, in diocese of Tunja. In 1916 he became the first apostolic prefect of Arauca and in 1923 a prefect of Tierradentro.

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