Ephemerides: January, 5th

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Author: Benito Martínez, C.M. .
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1673 In 1673, the Tirad General Assembly of the CM elects as Supeior General Fr. Edmund Jolly, 52 yrs. old. He was much appreciated by St. Vincent and it was he whom Vincent sent to Rome to get the approbation of the vows for the Congregation. They say that Vincent one day told the Duchess of Aiguillon that the young Edmund Jolly would be his succesor.

1946 In 1946, four DCs arrive in México. It was 80 yrs. previous that more than 200 DCs were expelled from México to other countries of America and to missions. They return to attend to those with incurable sicknesses in Tepexan and will be the only “religious” authorized to appear in public with a “religious habit”.

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