Ephemerides: August, 30

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Author: Benito Martínez, C.M. .
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1656: Vincent gives instruction to Sister Lanfantin and Sister Chetif as they leave for Arras. During the journey, Sister Chetif goes through a vocational crisis similar to the Mystical Night of the Senses.

1657: During the repetition of prayer, Vincent says that despite the death of three missionaries in Madagascar, the one remaining missionary cannot be abandoned and so he has decided to continue to send missionaries there.

1658: Vincent write to Monsieur Jolly advising him that the religious of St. Genevieve are waiting for Vincent to die and then hoping to be able to take Saint Lazare from the Congregation. Therefore “I ask you as earnestly as I can to get the Bulls for it, regardless of the cost, and in the best possible form. I clearly see that one day this house will need all official documents to maintain its possession.”

1942: Polish CM confrere, Fr. Aalewky is arrested and taken to the concentration camps of Dachau, Oswiecin and Nuengamme.

1954: At the age of 92, Fr. Flament,, the author of the work Psalms translated into French from the Hebrew Text, dies in Hong Kong.

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