Ephemerides: August, 29

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Author: Benito Martínez, C.M. .
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1648: Louise writes to Anne Hardemont in Montreuil and speaks to her about the nature of the Daughters of Charity in their beginnings: “I hope that they [the Daughters] are filled with holiness so that they may work usefully at God’s work. It is not enough to visit the poor and to provide for their needs; one’s heart must be totally purged of all self-interest, and one must continually work at the general mortification of all the senses and passions. In order to do this, my dear Sisters, we must continually have before our eyes our model, the exemplary life of Jesus Christ. We are called to imitate this life, not only as Christians, but as persons chosen by God to serve Him in the person of His poor. Without that, my dear Sisters, the Daughters of Charity are the most pitiful creatures in the world; and if they render themselves ungrateful and unfaithful to the graces of God, I do not believe God’s justice could p[unish them severely enough in eternity.”

1753: The first Viuncentian missionaries arrive in Palermo where they will establish a house.

1835: Jean Gabriel Perboyre arrives in Macao.

1944: Three Daughters of Charity from the Porvincial House and six from the Hospital of Saint John of God, died as the resulting of the bombing in Varsovia.

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