Ephemerides: August, 26

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Author: Benito Martínez, C.M. .
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1640: Vincent writes to Monsieur Tholard and tells him that though he has fears of temptations against chastity, these fears should not lead him to abandon his ministry nor cease to carry on works of charity,

1656: Vincent writes a missionary telling him that many places are requesting the presence of the Daughters of Charity, but the Daughters cannot be sent there until they are adequately prepared.

1658: Vincent speaks to the Daughters of Charity and tells them that on the following day several sisters will be leaving for Metz. Therefore in his conversation with the sisters he speaks about the way in which they should conduct themselves on the mission.

1938: The death of Fr. F. Dekempeneer, the founder and first superior of the Congregation in the Belgium Congo.

1951: In Columbia, the Province of the Daughters of Charity is split and becomes two provinces.

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