Ephemerides: August, 25

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Author: Benito Martínez, C.M. .
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1646: Vincent writes to Monsieur Portail speaking about the Canonical Visitation of the houses. Through these visitations one discovers the difficulties that the communities have in living a common life. He further explain that the Civil Authorities have much influence in the ecclesiastical appointments.

1647: Vincent writes to Louise and says that because she has achieved a state of contemplation she ought to be courageous since “God is now preparing you for some cross. His Goodness is accustomed to forewarn in this way souls He loves, when He wishes to crucify them.”

1658: Vincent writes to Fr. Rivet and tells him to put aside his stubbornness and visit one of the Brothers and tells him to open his house to the missionaries and other priests as well as the laity.

1739: The cornerstone of the first church of the Congregation in Palma de Mallorca is blessed.

1954: The ashes of the Vincentian missionary and the first bishop of Saint Louis (United States), arrive in Saint Louis.

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