Ephemerides: August, 24

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Author: Benito Martínez, C.M. .
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1634: The Association of the Colunteers of Charity is established in Argenteuil. Today this place is a street in the city of Paris.

1654: Louise offers a prayer (almost a mystical contemplation) on the phrase “God is my God.”

1657: Vincent responds to Fr. Jolly and says: “You sent me word that those who have taken vows in the Company cannot dispose of the revenues from their benefices or patrimonies without permission of the Superior and that this is the opinion of Father Hilarion. That is also the view of the Doctors here, as I think I wrote you. We have not consulted any lawyers and are waiting for the Parlement to pass judgment on an affair we have in this matters so we can set down the conditions of our vow of poverty.”

1826: Saint Joan Antida dies in Naples. She was the foundress of the Daughters of Charity there and her feast is celebrated on May 23.

1902: Fr. Fiat responds to the Provincial Assembly of Madrid and erects a new Province in Spain which takes in the area of Cataluña, Valencia and Baleares. It is called the Province of Cataluña and later will become know as the Province of Barcelona.

1936: Fr. Fortunato Velasco, the last of the Alcorisa martyr’s, is executed by a firing squad. Previously Fr. Leoncio Perez and Brother Luis Aguirre were executed.

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