Ephemerides: August, 21

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Author: Benito Martínez, C.M. .
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1632. The Parliament of Paris accepts the letter of the King that approve the granting of Saint Lazare to the Congregation of the Mission. This is approved despite the objections of the Abbot of Saint Victor and some other priests in Paris.

1640. Vincent receives a letter from the Marquise de Maignelay, Claude-Marguerite de Gondi. This letter gives us great insight into the educational system in France at this time.

1646. Louise writes to Vincent and Sister Elisabeth Hellot telling them of the success of the Daughters in the Hospital in Nantes.

1646. Vincent de Paul reflects to Louise de Marillac, who is in Nantes, her initiatives: “The Queen has ordered us to send two Sisters for charities of Fontainebleau. When we were satisfied and choose sister Barbara, and another one, who seemed to be too young, makes me believe she will withdraw”. This new foundation was established on royal land. Barbe Angiboust will meet Queen Anne of Austria for him to represent the needs of the poor.

1699. In the hospital in Alençon, died Sister Barbara Bailly, (71 years and 54 in vocation). For eleven years she was a nurse in the Mother House and attended Louise de Marillac at the time of her death. After a stay in Poland (1660-1668) and a term served as Treasurer, in 1676, she was chosen for the foundation of the community at l’Hôtel Royal des Invalides. In 1685, she became Sister Servant in Alençon.

1719. A deliberation is delivered to Paris in favour of the Sisters of Sarcelles about the house given to the Daughters in September 1694 by a winemaker from the city. The people supporting his heir, challenged the donation and wanted to reclaim the house.

1729. In Rome, the Vatican basilica, in the course of traditional rites and with sumptuous pageantry, is celebrating Vincent de Paul whom Benedict XIII, by his brief of August 13, proclaimed Blessed.

1761. In Paris, Fr. Louis de Bras CM, the eighth Superior General of the Congregation of the Mission, died at 9:45 in the evening in the age of 83 and 64 in vocation. He was born on August 10, 1678 in Montdidier. In the age of nineteen he entered Internal Seminary in Paris. The General Assembly of 1747 elected him the seventh successor of St. Vincent de Paul.

1792. Because of the suppression of the religious orders in France, the Superior General asks 120 seminarians to return to their families.

1879. In the chapel of Maison-Mère, at 95 Rue de Sevres, due to coming beatification, the precious remains of Jean-Gabriel Perboyre were exhumed from Tomb, to the front right from entrance, where they were held since 1860, and were deposited in another tomb located near the wall, on the same side, but in the second bay, where now the altar is dedicated to Saint Martyr. This move was done under the official supervision of Monsignor Richard, coadjutor of Cardinal Guibert, and in the presence of Fr Antoine Fiat, the Superior General, and brother and sister of Jean-Gabriel Perboyre.

1900. Sr. Esther Diaz DC is born in Brooklyn, New York. In 1918 she joined the Company. Now she is the oldest living Daughter of Charity in the world, and still in good condition living in Seton Residence in Evansville, Indiana. Most of her vocation life she was a teacher, including a time spent in China in 1920s’

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