Ephemerides: April, 7th

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Author: Benito Martínez, C.M. .
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1655:By the occasion of ascending the throne of St. Peter by Alexander VII, (pope Pio X died on January 7) St. Vincent decided to present modified Rules of the Congregation to new Pope. Fr Edmond Jolly was appointed a delegate in this case. He succeded and on September 22 the Company was granted a juridical status, simple vows and timeless exemption distinquishing the religoius Orders and religious Congregations.

1870: Rome. Pope Pio IX dated breve addressed to Fr. John Baptist Etienne, Superior General of the Congregation. He expresses his satisfaction from receiving the profesion of faith in the subject of pontifical infallibility which Superior General did in his letter to His Holiness of March 25.

1896: Fort Dauphin, Madagascar. Fr Santiago Crouzet accompanied by Fr Joseph Castan, Fr Peter Gaber , brothers Joseph Collard, John Cazeau and Peter Renaudin disembark the ship. On demand of Holy See they take over the mission in the South of the Red Island, where tombs of first sons of St. Vincent were.

1909: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Fr. Julius Clavelin dies a day before 71st birthday. He was born on April 7, 1834 in Neuvy sue Seille. All his priesthood lived in Brazil, especially as Superior of Caraça College where he devotedly worked on educating numbers of graduates of whom the house is proud. Among his graduates where numbers of priests, six bishops, two presidents of the country, minister of finance and many others.

1960: Diocese of Fort Dauphin on Madagascar, where Vincentians and Daughters of Charity have been working since 1895, was given St. Vincent de Paul as the patron.

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