Ephemerides: April, 3rd

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Author: Benito Martínez, C.M. .
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1830: Paris. Before noon diocesan commission investigating history of St. Vincent’s corps interrogated Sister Marguerite Dubois DC, 71. This Daughter of Charity lived at Fr Daudet’s place, who was treasurer general of the Congregation. She said, one day he showed her a cave in the wall of his dwelling and said: «this is yours and mine Father». Next interrogated person was Madame Clairet, widow of a notary who kept in safety the reliquaries at rue de Bourdannais between 1792 and 1795.

1849: Group of Vincentian priests and Daughters of Charity arrived to Marianna, in the province of Minas Gerais, in Brazil. These confreres were the first Vincentians in Brazil and were about taking direction of the seminary there. This was a unique establishment, where 130 students learned everything from Alphabet to theology. Fr Joseph Gabet became responsible for the seminary accompanied by Fr Huc, known from his journeys to China and Tibet. In next years there were more seminaries established in the country: in Salvador Salvador (1856), Fortaleza (1864), Diamantina (1866) and minor seminaries in Crato (1876), Rio de Janeiro (1869), Cuiaba (1881) i Curitiba (1895).

1914: Paris. Dies Fr Anthony Rouge. During his priesthood he was in Angoulême, Soissons, Marsylii, Carcassonne, Algierze, domu macieryzstym, Évreux and Gentilly.

1938: Born: John Freund, CM in Brooklyn NY (USA). Webmaster and idea hamster behind the FAMVIN websites.

1953: Born: Beth Nicol in Sheffield AL (USA). Techie who keeps FAMVIN websites ticking along.

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