Ephemerides: April, 22nd

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Author: Benito Martínez, C.M. .
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1723: Marie Madeleine Fontaine is being born in Etrépagny, in Eure region. She was one of four Daughters of Charity from Arras guillotined on June 26, 1794 in Cambrai and beatified on June 13, 1920.

1773: In Versailles, King Louis XV orders in patent letters, that principality and chaplaincy of College des Bons Enfants are perpetually granted to Congregation of the Mission. Such decision was necessary due to numerous protestations and protests in recent years from church provisos of Menil Aubri and Fontenay en France villages, descendants of Jean Pluyette, who founded two bursaries which College was due to respect and administrators of College de Louis-le-Grand.

1919: Mission in Tabriz (presently in North-Western Iran) receives orphans from massacres in Ourmiah and Tabriz.

1937: Fr August Halinger dies in Cuvry, Lorraine. He was founder and first superior of junior Apostolic School of Lorraine. Officially he was in 51st year of vocation. In fact he was orphaned in the age of nine when he found refuge in Daughters of Charity house in Metz. He received solid secondary education in Wernhout, especially in classic culture. After ordinations he returned to his favorite home in Holland where he was professor for 26 years. After the Armistice when Lorraine was returned to France this pastor of St Simon parish in Metz founded Apostolic School backed by Superior General Fr. Verdier and Fr Bettembourg in Belletanche. Then the establishment was moved to old castle and elegant park of Cuvry.

1944: A bomb destroyed — without human victims — Daughters of Charity house at 8 rue Championnet in Paris where Mother Decq, passed all his life in vocation until she became Assistant General of the

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