Ephemerides: April, 21st

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Author: Benito Martínez, C.M. .
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1662: Fr René Alméras addresses a memo about the proper way to sign letters, public acts and other documents. According to the memo proper way to sign documents is to add «de la Congrégation de la Mission» (from Congregation of the Mission) after the name to preserve uniformity and for practical reasons. This way helps to distinguish Priests of the Mission or Missioners from other clergymen especially when it considers donations, acquisitions and foundations.

1692: Fifth General Assembly is opened in Paris. It is the second assembly since Fr Edmond Jolly was elected Superior General in 1673. 25 delegates took part in 25 sessions. It was closed on May 8.

1830: Catherine Labouré is admitted to the Seminary. It was on Wednesday before the ceremony of translation of reliquaries of St. Vincent de Paul on Sunday, April 25.

1913: Msgr Stanislaw Francis Jarlin CM, Apostolic Vicar of Northern Tche-ly, presides unusual in China ceremony held in the Beijing Cathedral, occupied by Boxers twelve years before. Republican government requested prayers for new elected President and Parliament before its opening session. A delegate of President of China, Mr Lou-Tsen-Tsiang, minister of Foreign Affairs was present in the church. Two years before he became Catholic.

1954: In Rome, Archpriest of St. Paul Cathedral, Cardinal Federico Tedeschi benedicts marble, 73 tons heavy, sculpture of St Louise de Marillac and other Daughter of Charity presenting small child to her. It was placed among 39 other monuments of founders of religious orders including St. Vincent de Paul and St.Joan Antida Thouret, foundress of Sisters of Mercy of Besançon, who was Daughter of Charity before French Revolution. Count Vladimir d’Omersson, ambassador of France, Mother Lepicard and Fr Bisoglio, Procurator General to the Holy See and many others participate in the event.

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