Ephemerides: April, 18th

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Author: Benito Martínez, C.M. .
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1659: Conference of Vincent de Paul for Missioners about humility during hich he explained article seven of chapter two of the Common Rules.

1794: Fr Nicholas Dodin was guillotined in Poitiers. Born on September 24, 1755 in diocese of Langres. On August 9, 1775 he entered the Congregaion at Saint Lazare. Then, for six years he was a pastor of Richelieu parish. At first, benevolently he took oath on civil Constitution for clergy. But when he recognized his error he withdrew from the oath in public and found asylum at John Loudinet’s place, a local mason, where he continued priestly ministry. Finally he was captivated and after two interrogations was convicted for staying in France as a priest which was prohibited.

1880: Fr Delaplace, a Vincentian, opened Church provincial council ordered by pope Leo XIII. Heads of Apostolic Vicariates of Tchely (Northern, Western and Eastern) Mongolia and Manchuria debated on various issues for three weeks.

1938: Fr Souvay benedicts the the house and farm buildings in Villebon sur Yvette. BY the decree of President of France, Mr. Albert Lebrun, of December 25, 1936 this estate was given to COngegation as a compensation of properties left in Gentilly.

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