Ephemerides: April, 17th

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Author: Benito Martínez, C.M. .
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1625: In Paris, in the residence at rue Pavée, in the parish of Saint Savior, in the afternoon Mister and Mistress de Gondi sign in the presence of notary the foundation contract of the Congregation of the Mission.

1628: In the diocesan tribunal in Paris, Vincent de Paul testifies on virtues of Francis de Sales (died on December 28, 1622).

1653: Conference of Vincent de Paul for Daughters of Charity about “Jubilee” written down by sister Mathurine Guérin.

1654: Conference of Vincent de Paul in Saint Lazare in the subject of obedience and exact ways to practice the virtue.

1675: In Paris dies Maria de Vignerod de Pontcourlay, the marquess de Combalet and the duchess the Aiguillon. For recent 23 years she was President Ladies of Charity in Hôtel – the Dieu. Earlier before election, for twenty years worked in Association of Ladies of Charity. In this activity she found her consolation and vocation. She was born in 1806 in chateau Glénay, as daughter Renat de Vignerod and Francisca de Richelieu, Cardinal’s elder sister. The bewidowed in age of 18, after two years of compulsed marriage with to the Duke of Luynes, Antonio de Beauvoir de Grimoard du Roure, avalierr and Master de Combalet. She recognized vocation and even eneterd the Carmel. However omnipotent uncle, Cardinal Richelieu, intervened in Rome and forcing her to leave the monastery. She was a very noble benefactresses of the Congregation of the Mission since she met Vincent de Paul in her life. In the duchy she founded the house of Mission in La the Rose and in Lot-et-Garonne. In Marseilles she founded hospital for galley slaves. She participated in expenses of Missions in Ireland and Africa. She bought consulates in Tunis and Algiers and supported constructionof hospital in Algiers, too.

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