Ephemerides: April, 16th

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Author: Benito Martínez, C.M. .
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1827: Msgr de Quelen, Archbishop of Paris, addresses Pope Leo XII with the project of transferring reliquaries of St. Vincent to recently built chapel in Maison Mere.

1885: Rome. Decree of Congregation of Rites declares St. Vincent de Paul to be patron of all charity associations in the whole Catholic Church. The decree was issued according to the report of Cardinal Charles Laurenzi. He stated in the report, that 393 bishops and 5 superiors general of religious congregations voted for spreading the patronship of St. Vincent to all Charity works in the Church.

1929: In Paris. In the age of 38 dies Fr Peter Joseph Gouault, private secretary of Fr. Peter Verdier.

1959: Foundation of House of Charity in Taiwan. This one is on the northern part of the island. Daughters of Charity came from Philippines. Vincentians were already there: 9 Chinese, 20 Dutch and 15 Americans. There were two other houses on the Island, founded earlier: in Chou-Teng and Tainan

1972: Province of Canary Islands of Daughters of Charity is erected.

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