Ephemerides: April, 15th

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Author: Benito Martínez, C.M. .
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1799: Piacenza, Italy. During his return from captivity in France pope Pio VI stays at Collegio Alberoni, which is directed by Vincentians. He stays there till April 17. 150 years later, local authorities commemorate this event with an inscription in the vestibule which reads that courageous Pontiff comforted his sons with paternal charity.

1899: Local bishop, msgr Lamouroux, consecrates chapel and main altar of major Seminary in Saint Fleur. Two Vincentian superiors,Fr Péreymond and Fr Gobaud were responsible for artistic restoration of the sanctuary. Superior General, Fr Fiat, was going to participate this celebration in his native diocese. In effect he delegated Fr Milon, secretary general, who preached eloquent panegyric next day, in the Feast of translation of St. Vincent.

1918: Maison Mere. Due to multiplying bombardments, which caused a lot of victims, especially on Good Friday, after the evacuation of young and elder confreres to Dax it was decided to move most precious volumes from the Library to the caves.

1919: Daughters of Charity Provincial house in Budapest, Hungary is visited by members of the revolutionary Soviet in charge of liquidation of religious communities and requisition of their estates. The house is checked out to be a new project — hospital. Next day, new authorities come. All residents are ordered to give out their keys and are allowed to leave the building by permission only.

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