Ephemerides: April, 14th

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Author: Benito Martínez, C.M. .
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1819: By the decree of king Juan VI Daughters of Charity are authorized to stay in Portugal. But by another decree in 1834 suppresses authority of those superiors general who do not have their residence in Portugal. The third one in 1838 suppresses all religious communities in the country. However the last one did not hit Daughters of Charity who could continue apostolate “because of their temporary vows and humanitarian character of their mission”. They met many obstacles instead in their presence: Vincentians were divided, local persecutions intensified, there arose a schism in the little Province as well. Situation did not change until 1856 — when cholera and yellow fever epidemics spread with some 10,000 victims. Decree of February 9, 1857 allows Daughters of Charity from France to come and help with care of infected people. One of the sisters dies because of yellow fever. Superior General, Fr. Etienne, decided that Vincentian priests should assist Daughters in their mission in Portugal. By the decree of February 4, 1858 the Province is reconstituted. But in 1861 another persecutions reoccur. Some 60 Daughters repatriate to France on board of “Orinoco” ship. Only sisters working in St. Louis hospital in Funchal remained. Province is reopened in 1872, but another revolution in 1910 forces Daughters to return to Maison Mere. Finally, Province is reactivated in 1927 and develops as well that soon they open mission in Mozambique.

1919: Group of twelve young revolutionaries arrive to nationalized provincial house in Budapest, Hungary.

1945: Fr Louis Genouville dies in Fort Dauphin, Madagascar. For years he worked among students in Berceau de Saint-Vincent. He was opera baritone and a musician. As a youngster he dreamed about going to overseas mission, but because of his old mother he didn’t want such sacrifice for her. When she died in 1927, he returned to his missionary idea and decided to go to Madagascar.

1955: Fr Jacob Péborde dies in Dax. He was born in Landes. Ordained priest in 1899. For ten years worked in the Notre Dame parish in Dax and next eleven years as a pastor in Saubesse. In 1925 he entered the Congregation which was very beneficial to major seminaries in Évreux and Algiers where was a respectful educator.

1961: It is announced to the Community that beatification process for eighty-seven Vincentian martyrs from civil war in Spain in 1936 has begun.

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