Ephemerides: April, 10th

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Author: Benito Martínez, C.M. .
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1628: John Francis de Gondi, archbishop of Paris, conceded Priests of the Mission the faculty of practicing their ministry in all of the parishes in his diocese. He also erected the Confraternity of Charity.

1654: Conference of Vincent de Paul in Saint Lazare about spiritual communication.

1791: Francis Regis Clet departs for China. He will arrive to Macao six months later.

1808: In Paris. Fr Dominic Francis Hanon, Vicar General, addresses a letter to the minister of internal affairs. He suggests in the letter, that possessions, legally belonging to <<previous Congregation>> should be returned to the reestablished Company unless they are not sold yet. The request was denied.

1830: In the residence of archbishop of Paris Archdeacon of Saint Genevieve, Fr Domingo Salhorgne, Superior General of the Congregation of the Mission, Fr. Joseph Boulanger, Assistant, Fr John Baptist Etienne, the Treasurer General, Fr John Maria Aladel and some other persons continue dressing of the corps of St. Vincent de Paul. Among many vestments put on the skeleton it is worth to mention about the stole made of golden fabrics like for a bishop and a cross with wax arms decorated with the reliquaries of Original Cross, the one St. Vincent used to exhort dieing king Louis XIII. The Cross itself was preserved in the treasury of Notre Dame. Then the body was put on the platform to make adoration and veneration possible until the transportation.

1896: Buffalo, New York,USA. Msgr Stephen Vincent Ryan, C.M. , second bishop of Buffalo, dies. Born on January 1, 1825 in Canada graduated from College of St.Charles in Philadelphia. Entered the Congregation in 1844. He was professor in College of St. Mary and in Cape Girardeau where he was Superior, too. In 1857 was appointed Visitor of Province of the United States. Eleven years later, in 1868 succeeded Msgr John Timon, C.M. as second bishop of Buffalo. His bishoprics was marked numerous churches and colleges build in the diocese and augmentation of diocesan and religious clergy as well. He founded the College of St. Canisius and periodical journal. He also built bishop’s residence and the Catholic Association for Young Families House.

1955: New Constitutions, approved in 1954, are sent to all houses of the Congregation of Daughters of Charity.

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