Elizabeth, Letter 1-013: Draft to Mrs. John Seton

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Author: Elisabeth Ann Bailey Seton .
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[n.d. 1797]

Surely my dear Grandmother1 will not be surprised at my writing to her, to express a small share of that sincere affection I have always felt for her since I have been the wife of her W. M. and the Daughter of a son2 who so affectionately loves her, and thro’ whom I have had the happiness to recieve her good wishes for our <happiness> wellfare. <My William> If we could but be so happy as to present our Son and daughter to you, then indeed we should show our claims to your love for there never was two sweeter children, little William is all a moth­ers heart can wish in health. Life, and Beauty and from his promise of goodness sweetness of temper I have reason to hope he will indeed be a third William. Our little Anna Maria is Our<companion and> hearts delight and already our companion and dearest amusement<she promises>

  1. Elizabeth Seton Seton (1719-1797) was the paternal grandmother of William Magee Seton. She and her husband, John Seton (1712 – 7). had two sons. John and William, and five daughters, Isabella Seton Cayley, Jane Seton Synnot, Elizabeth Seton Berry, Margaret Seton Seton, and Barbara Seton Seton. Elizabeth usually first wrote her formal letters in draft form before copying them. Many times this draft is the only extant copy of the correspondence.
  2. William Seton, Sr.. Elizabeth’s father-in-law

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