Elizabeth, Letter 1-004: To William Magee Seton

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Author: Elisabeth Ann Bailey Seton .
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Your Eliza’s Eye is very Ugly but not very painful, but It will pre­vent the possibility of my going out Therefore you must devote a great deal of your time to me—come as early as possible—We shall dine at one today as Post(1) is going out of town—

Yours EB

(1) Dr. Wright Post, 1766-1828, studied medicine under Dr. Richard Bayley and in Europe in 1792. He was a prominent New York surgeon and professor at Columbia College. Beginning in 1802, he served on the medical board of the Institution for the Inoculation of Kine Pon with the objective of instructing physicians in the method of inoculation, preparing the vaccine, and providing free vaccine for the poor. He married Mary Magdalen Bayley June 10, 1790, thus becoming the brother-in-law of Elizabeth Bayley Seton. He died June 14, 1828.

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