Elizabeth, Letter 1-001: To William Magee Seton

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Author: Elisabeth Ann Bailey Seton · Year of first publication: 2000 · Source: Collected Writings: Volume 1.
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My dearest Will,1

I have resolved to do my duty and go and see Mrs. Dwight this af­ternoon and If the weather remains clear it is my intention to pass an hour with Mrs. WiIks2 in the Evening where you may have the honor of seeing me if you please.

  1. William Magee Seton ( 1768-1803) was the son of William and Rebecca Curson Seton. He was educated in England for six years and served briefly in the Bank of New York. In 1788 he toured the important counting houses in Europe and developed a friendship with Filippo Fificchi of the Filiechi Firm in Leghorn (Livorno), Italy. Upon his return he joined Seton, Maitland and Company. His marriage to Elliabeth Ann Bayley January 25, 1794, was witnessed by the Episcopal bishop, Rev. Samuel Provoost. The couple had five children, two boys and three girls. Despite a sea voyage for his health, William Magee died of tuberculosis December 27, 1803. at Pisa. Italy, and is buried in the cemetery of St. John’s Anglican Church in at Leghorn, Italy.
  2. Mary Seton Wilkes (d. 1801) was the wife of John Wilkes and a first cousin of William Magee Seton. John and his brother Charles were nephews of John Wilkes, a famous liberal member of Parliament and mayor of London. They came to New York in 1780 with letters of introduction to William Seton, Sr., from the Berrys, Seton relatives in England. Charles Wilkes succeeded William Seton, Sr., as cashier of the Bank of New York. He worked at the bank forty years, eventually becoming its president as well as being involved in a number of civic endeavors. John Wilkes was also a business associate and friend of the Setons.

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