Easter Sunday (Ross Reyes Dizon)

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Dawn means love and return to the source

The risen Jesus is the dawn from on high.  When we love him and keep his word, our darkness fades.

Mary Magdalen visits the tomb at dawn.  Seeing the tomb open, she worries just as the religious leaders do.  It worries them that someone may steal the body of Jesus.

But her worry springs from love. That is why, after notifying Peter and the other disciple, she goes back to the tomb.  She hurries probably to catch up with the disciples who are running.

And she stays out there, facing the tomb, even after the disciples have gone home.  According to Matthew, Joseph from Arimathea left, too, after burying Jesus.  Meanwhile, “Mary Magdalen and the other Mary remained sitting there, facing the tomb.”

Mary Magdalen cries alone outside the tomb.  Apparently, despite the dawn, she is still in the dark; she even mistakes Jesus for the gardener.  But Jesus looks kindly on her love.  He calls her by name and she turns and says to him, “Rabbouni.”  And the Teacher tells her, “Stop holding on to me.”   There is a suggestion, therefore, that she has embraced his feet, doing him homage.

Indeed, the love that seeks what is above finds.  Dawn turns out fully enlightening, moreover, for those who love in this manner.  Such is the case with Mary, alone, and with Mary, in the company of the other Mary, in the Gospel of Matthew.  Both receive later as a favor the news from an angel that Jesus is risen.

Dawn enlightens also those who return to the source.

The disciples do not find the body of Jesus either.  Yet it seems to them there has not been any theft.  Disproving claims of theft are the burial clothes as well as the cloth that covered the face of Jesus.  This cloth is rolled up in a separate place, and is not with the burial cloths.

Sure, there is no word about Peter, but we read that the other disciple “saw and believed.”  The account says besides that they get to understand Scripture about the unavoidable resurrection of the Crucified.

So, without saying anything, the disciples speak volume.  They challenge every believer that the unnamed disciple represents.  They encourage us to return to the prophets, to keep the living and life-giving word of God.  And this word guarantees those who listen to it faith in the Risen One.

And this Word is Jesus.  Eating his flesh and drinking his blood, we have life within us.  Additionally, his teachings and the examples of his life are never misleading (SV.EN II:316).

If we return to the spring Jesus gives us, he will meet us again in Galilee.  There he will speak to our hearts.  And we will answer as in the days of our youth.

Lord, grant us to keep your love and your word, so that we may never taste death ever.  May we enjoy your eternal dawn.

16 Abril 2017
Easter Sunday
Acts 10, 34a. 37-43; Col 3, 1-4; Jn 20, 1-9/ Mt 28, 1-10

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