34th Sunday in O.T. – Jesus Christ, King of the Universe (Ross Reyes Dizon)

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Evangelizer of all kinds of poor people

Jesus is the Evangelizer of the poor.  All those who live announcing the Good News to the poor belong to him and are heirs to the kingdom.

Jesus goes around to all towns and villages.  He teaches in the synagogues and proclaims the Gospel of the kingdom.  Moreover, he cures every disease and illness.  Yes, he goes about doing good.  One can say, then, that he is an Evangelizer “by words and by works” (SV.EN XII:78).

That is because Jesus is as merciful as the Lord God who has sent him.  The distinctive feature of this God is mercy (SV.EN XI:328).  That is why he hears the cry of those who complain against their oppressors and knows very well their suffering.  He also carries out justice for orphans and widows.  He befriends immigrants, besides, feeding and clothing them.  And like a good and caring shepherd, the Lord God himself takes care of his people.

So, it is not surprising that Jesus pities the crowds who are without a shepherd to tend and gather them.  His compassion prompts him to send his disciples and to give them authority to do what he does.  Jesus, then, does not only help the poor in every way.  He sees to it also that others help them likewise.

Everyone who belongs to Jesus proves it through his or her commitment to help the needy, to be an evangelizer.

As the Father sends him, so does the Evangelizer of the poor sends his followers.  Jesus wants those who belong to him to be one with him and the Father.  And this becomes a reality when Jesus’ followers do his and the Father’s work.  One with Jesus and the Father, they also contribute to God being all in all.

And to work as does the Evangelizer of the poor is what is decisive.  What is decisive is not one’s social standing, personal talent or success attained over the years (José Antonio Pagola).  What is decisive is the practical and supportive love for those in need of help.  And all those who, whether believers or unbelievers, relieve the suffering of the poor are surely heirs of the kingdom.

Lord Jesus, may we never shame those who have nothing nor let them go hungry.  Grant that in that way our celebration of your Supper may be pleasing to you.

26 November 2017
34th Sunday in O.T (A) – Jesus Christ, King of the Universe
Ezek 34, 11-12. 15-17; 1 Cor 15, 20-26. 28; Mt 25, 31-46

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